This is a list of services that we offer...

Types of Massages - Full body, Swedish, African, Sports, Relaxation, Deep Tissue, and Tension Release Massage (your choice).

Our facials are designed to enhance your natural beauty. The Masque, The Mud, The Salt, The Yolk, are the different types of facials we specialize in. These facials deliver what we expect and desire.

The Masque* helps to dry up acne pimples* Rinse away blackheads* Help shrink large pores.
The Mud* A natural English Clay. An old fashioned, time-tested earth facial treatment. Relaxes tired facial muscles* Tightens sagging skin* Softens lines and wrinkles.
The Salt* Exfoliates the skin removes the old dead skin and brings out the new.
The Yolk* is a vitamin enriched facial* it is a natural oxidant a pore cleanser that will stimulate blood circulation and relax tired muscles and to maintain healthy looking skin.
Face Lift Facial* Fountain of Youth* tightens saggy skin, decreases and absorbs lines and wrinkles* brings out that natural glow.
Body Spa
Experience 'Le Paradise' consisting of a dip in our Private Hot Red Jacuzzi / where you will receive fresh fruit and a chilled glass of champagne while soaking in our fountain of youth, a plunge of mineral water.
Physical Medicine Therapy
We provide medical massage therapy for work injuries (workmens comp.) - auto accidents - athletic/sports - home injuries. We take Chiropratic referals/physicaians prescriptions and most insurance accepted. We also offer stress relief seminars/consultations - corporate/group massage therapy programs.
Limo Service

Ask about our Designer Robes: Hot Red or Cool White only $65.00 *According to most major Women's magazines, a Professional Massage or a Day of Pampering at a Day Spa are Two of the top Five things today's women really want to receive from their Love One's.

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